About Our Charity

The 'Cheeseheads For Charity' drive is the annual fund raising efforts of the Tulsa Packer Backers, a Green Bay Packers fan club based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Following the Green Bay Packers' Superbowl victory in 1997, the Tulsa Packer Backers decided to use new found fame to raise money and give back to the Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma area. It has been our goal to always do something good for the kids. The first couple years, we raised money to buy goods for the Emergency Infant Services, a local organization that bridges the gap between the time their newborn arrives and other assistance programs take effect. Beginning in 2000, we adopted Toys for Tots as our charity and have supported them ever since.

We raise money through various club parties, donations, raffles and other efforts. That money is then used to purchase toys and bikes and each December, members of the United States Marine Corp come to our club one game day and we present them with the toys and bikes.

Over the past couple years, the Tulsa Packer Backers have been the second largest donor to Toys For Tots in the Greater Tulsa area, second only to one of the areas largest employers by just a few thousand dollars.

This year we will not only break the $100,000 mark since we start 'Cheeseheads for Charity', but we are going after that title of largest donor in Tulsa.

We welcome donation from anyone locally or around the world, and you don't even have to be a Packer fan. For more information on how to donate, Click Here.

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