Annual Charity Totals

Along with Toys For Tots, we've donated money and/or items to other organizations, especially in the wake of tragedies like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Below is an annual account of what we did:

1997Emergency Infant Services$1,000.00
1998Emergency Infant Services$1,300.00
1999Toys for Tots$1,200.00
2000Toys for Tots$2.481.70
2001American Red Cross (9/11 Relief)$428.00
Toys for Tots$4,538.39
2002Toys for Tots$5,879.18
2003MS Society$1,183.50
Cancer Sucks$259.77
Toys for Tots$3,829.18
2004Brett Favre 4ward Foundation$100.00
MS Society$1,558.00
American Red Cross (Tsunami Relief)$650.00
Toys for Tots$3,547.06
2005Brett Favre 4ward Foundation (Katrina Relief)$1,200.00
Toys for Tots$3,639.17
2006Toys for Tots$7,174.23
2007Toys for Tots$8,489.23
2008Toys for Tots$13,904.72
2009Toys for Tots$15,137.04
2010Toys for Tots$12,094.91
Cancer Sucks!$2,726.00
2011Toys for Tots$16,345.21
2012Toys for Tots$13,000.00
2013Toys for Tots$13,319.91
2014Toys for Tots$13,554.41
2015Toys for Tots$14,874.98
2016Toys for Tots$14,120.25
Grand Total for Charities:$177,534.84

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